Let customers be your marketing!
Easyref lets you exploit the full potential of word of mouth advertising.

Your main mission as business owner is to
inform your customers that you have a referral program!

They know, they refer!
Use our logos & graphics to spread the word on social media or your website
So how does this work?
Add Product or Service
Just add as many Products or Services as you wish
Assign reward % or €
Reward amount you are willing to share for a successful referral
Scan Customers QR-Code
Let your customer show you his referral QR-Code & scan it!
Confirm Referral
Confirm the referral, done!
How to confirm customer referrals?
It's super simple, just grab your phone.
clients QR-Code
Make sure to download the app
Your Business Panel
After joining us, you get access to our Business Panel.

Link: business.easyref.eu

Where you can keep track of all your Referrals, Customers and Statistics.

Want to see how it looks & works?
Check the following video tutorial.
easyref - Business Panel Tutorial
Common Questions
What kind of rewards can I assign?
You can assign a reward percentage (%) of the purchase.

Product/Service costs 100€
Assigned reward 10%
Means your reward for a referral is 10€

You can also assign fixed euros (€) for a referral, no matter how much your customer ends up spending.
How can I pay the assigned rewards?
We send you an invoice every 2 weeks.
If you don't receive any referrals, you don't pay anything.
How many referrals can a customer send?
Customers can send out 5 referrals at once.
When the referral is used, they will receive them immediately back.

No spam, only targeted & valuable referrals!
Can I extend the validation of a referral?
Yes, you can! Just sent us a message and we will extend the existing referral.

That can happen due to long queue for an appointment, common at dental clinics or the beauty industry for example.
Can I cancel the service?
You can remove your business from the listing any time without any fees, just sent us a message!
Let customers refer your business,
just because you are great!
Free of charge registration & no upfront costs at all!
Questions left?
Send us a message or give us a call
+372 5627 1089