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Terms of Use
This Terms of Use were updated April 2022.
Welcome to Easyref. These Terms of Use contain the terms and conditions that govern all use of our Platform (mobile app or website) and all content, services and/or products available on or through the Platform.
These Terms of Use is valid for business Clients and private Customers and any differences in these terms due to different role (Client or Customer) is referred accordingly.

Easyref – Legal entity Easyref OÜ, registry code 16489405, Tallinn, Estonia.
Platform – Available on and mobile application Easyref.
Client – Easyref Platform user through representative(s) of business Client who have registered an account on Easyref Platform. Entities who are not registered on Easyref Platform are not considered as Clients but are listed on Easyref by using Google public search.
Customer – Easyref Platform user who is private person and have created an account on Easyref Platform.
Referral – Customer initiated Referral about any existing business entity to other Customer through Customer’s phone contact list. Only the business entities that are Easyref Clients can receive Customer Referrals and only Easyref registered Customers can use Referrals sent to them.
Reward – Monetary pay out to Customers who send Referrals and Customers who used the Referral sent to him/her by the other Customer. All persons who want to make Referrals, use the Referrals and get rewarded must download the Easyref mobile application and activate an account. The reward by financial terms in the context of Easyref Platform is treated as discount for the Customer and will be calculated and paid back to Customer and to the private person who uses the received Referral as discount for the initial service to which the Referral was made.

1) Platform
Easyref provides an information society service that enables Customer Referrals about any type of service providers he/she has used and to get rewarded for this. Also the person who receives the Referral from Customer and uses the referred service by registering the Referral when using the referred service, gets rewarded.
The Platform is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) and provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis and use of it is at Client’s or Customer’s sole risk.
Client or Customer must provide its full name (business or private person), a valid phone number, and any other information requested in order to complete the signup process and receive rewards. The full list of requested information for Client to register on Easyref Platform is available on Easyref Client web form.
Client or Customer must be a human user. Using "bots" or other automated methods are not permitted.
Representative of the Client or Customer confirms that he/she is person with full legal capacity (at least 18 years of age) or that he/she has all rights and authorisations for procuring the services on behalf of the Client. The aforementioned representations are presumed to be accurate and Easyref is not obliged to verify these.
Easyref may use third party suppliers to provide necessary hardware, software, networking, connectivity, storage and related technology required to provide the Platform and its functionalities. The acts and omissions of those third party suppliers may be outside of Easyref control.
By using the Platform, Client or Customer agrees to these Terms of Use and acknowledges Easyref Privacy Policy which form a legally binding agreement between Easyref and Client or Customer.

2) Technical Developments
Easyref provides the Platform with the functionality and technical level made available to the Client or Customer at the time of entering into these Terms.
Easyref has the right to change the functionality of the Platform, among other things, in connection with the technical or substantive development of the service, the development of additional functions or the need to change the technical parameters. Significant changes in the functionality of the Platform will be notified to the Client or Customer but these updates may also be pushed out automatically with little or no notice.
If the Client or Customer does not agree with the functional changes of the Platform, the Client or Customer has the right to cancel the contract. If the Client or Customer has not cancelled the subscription, the Client or Customer shall be deemed to have agreed to the changes, and they shall be valid in full.
Easyref try to promptly address (during normal business hours) all technical issues that arise in connection with Easyref, however there may be times when the Platform is inaccessible.

3) Reward calculation and fees
Rewards are discounts to the services that Customer used and are calculated to Customer after the payment for the service if he/she makes Referral to this service, and paid out as compensation to both – the person who made the Referral and the person who used the Referral and made purchase of the same service he/she received the Referral to.
The minimum amount of Reward pay out is 10 (ten) euros for each Customer. This means that if the calculated Reward is less than 10 euros, the Customer needs at least one more Reward in order the total sum of Rewards are at least 10 euros to be able to request the pay out from Easyref.
The Reward for the Referral can vary by Client (service provider) and by the number of Referrals to the same Client by the same Customer.
The use of Easyref Platform for Customer is free of charge. For every Referral Easyref calculates the commission fee from the discount provided by Client to its services. Those commissions vary by Clients and are visible and adjustable for the Client when registering to Easyref Platform.
Customer rewards are indicated on the Platform under Customer account. The indicated rewards are not affected by the Easyref commission fee or by other Customers and will be payd out in the amount indicated on the Platform as discounts for the used services. The minimum amount of pay out is 10 euros.
Easyref has the right to change the commission rates and the current commission rate and reward is indicated on the Platform. If Client or Customer does not agree to the commissions and rewards, Client or Customer has the right not to use of the Platform services.
The Clients sees, after each transaction, how the Reward is divided. (for example: the referrer Customer (60%); the Referral receiver Customer (20%); Easyref Commission (20%) from the Client assigned Reward percentage - Service costs: 100€; Clients assigned Reward 10% (10€); referrer Customer 6% (6€); Referral receiver Customer 2% (2€); Easyref 2% (2€)).

3) Cancellation
Client or Customer can cancel Easyref account at any time by following links on Easyref Platform or by emailing Easyref at
If Client or Customer cancel account before the active rewards are used and/or paid out, those payouts may be interrupted and money transfer to Customer bank account may be cancelled due to technical or legal reasons. No refund or other credit is payable to Client or Customer on cancellation unless Easyref agrees otherwise.
Easyref reserve the right to decline to register, suspend, or cancel Client or Customer account and use of Easyref Platform if Easyref considers (in its absolute discretion) that Client or Customer have breached any of these Terms of Use. If Easyref suspend or cancel Client or Customer account, Client or Customer must not create another one without Easyref prior approval.
All of Client or Customer data and content may be deleted from Easyref systems immediately upon cancellation of account. This content cannot be recovered once the account is cancelled. Easyref are not liable for any loss or damage following, or as a result of, the cancellation of the account, and it is Client’s or Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any content or data which Client or Customer require is backed-up or replicated before cancellation. Client or Customer agree that it cannot transfer, sell, lease, lend or trade account without Easyref prior written consent.
The 14 day right to withdrawal of the service and/or return of the product does not apply to the Customer as the Platform provides digital content Customer specific service.

4) Intellectual Property
The intellectual property of the Platform, including software, databases, algorithms, text and graphics, belongs to Easyref. The Client or Customer receives the right to use the Platform to the extent necessary to use the functionality of the Platform. Client or Customer may not copy or make available to the public any software, algorithms, databases, or other works on the Platform without Easyref consent.
The data is systematized on the Platform. It is a database within the meaning of the Copyright Act, and the exclusive right of the maker of the database belongs to Easyref. The Client or Customer receives the right to use the database to the extent necessary to use the Platform. The right to use the data (database) generated on the Platform is valid until the database rights are exhausted. The license fee for using the database is considered to be paid with the Platform service fee.
Easyref do not claim ownership of any intellectual property rights in relation to the information or content related to Client or Customer on the Platform (such as profile information or other content or data that Client or Customer provide in connection with the use of Platform), however Client or Customer grant Easyref a non-exclusive, royalty free licence to collect, retain, use, copy, distribute or disclose it for the purposes of operating the Platform correctly.
Client agree to grant Easyref with a non-exclusive royalty free licence to use Client name and logo for our marketing and promotional material, including marketing and promotional material featured on our website. This does not apply to Customers.

5) Confidentiality
Easyref ensures the secure storage of confidential data and personal data processed through the Platform. Easyref is not responsible for the situation when confidential information and personal data disclosed through a Client or Customer account become known to third parties due to the actions of the Client or Customer (e.g. disclosure of a username and/or password to a third party).
Neither, Easyref, Client or Customer may disclose confidential information that came to its knowledge in the course of the performance of the contract without the prior written consent of the other party. The obligation of confidentiality applies during the term of the subscription and for three years after the termination of the contract.

6) Personal Data Protection
Easyref respects Client and Customer privacy and right to personal data protection. Easyref follows EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) principles when processing personal data. Easyref Privacy Policy is available on
Client warrants that it have provided accurate, rightful and current information such as full legal name, phone number or any other data requested by the Platform, when using Easyref.
Easyref uses publicly available information (such as Google search) to complete the business profile for the Client on the Platform.
Easyref collects and maintains as necessary the information about Customer’s name, phone number, e-mail (if sent to us for customer support), bank account number, phone numbers where Customer sent Referrals, active Referrals, Referrals history, earned rewards, in order to provide the Easyref Platform functionalities.
It is prohibited to create Customer lists, CRMs or similar databases using Easyref Platform data. All Customer data collected and maintained on Easyref Platform must be used on Platform.
The Client is solely responsible of the activities carried out using Customers’ personal data outside the Easyref Platform.
Easyref will take reasonable precautions and implement industry standard technical and organizational measures to keep personal data secure and protect it from unauthorized access.
Client or Customer agree to keep Platform login details secure and agree not to share those details with anyone else. Easyref will not be liable for any loss or damage if Client or Customer fail to comply with this security obligation.
Client or Customer acknowledge that the internet is inherently insecure. Client or Customer accept the risk that any information stored or transmitted on the internet or through email may be intercepted or subject to unauthorized access or fraudulent behaviour.
In any circumstances, Easyref does not have right to sell forward Client or Customer data so that a singular Client or Customer might be recognized from that data set.
When Easyref use third party service providers for any type of personal data processing, Easyref selects such processors with high diligence in order to keep the GDPR level data protection. This also includes the possible personal data transfers to outside EU, in which case we require the additional data protection safeguards such as Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC).
The limitations of liability set out under the section Responsibility and Liability of these Terms of Use, shall apply also to data protection related liabilities.
Easyref Platform is supervised by Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate

7) Right to use references
Easyref have the right to use the trademark, logo, and name of the Client as a reference. The use of other references is agreed upon separately with the Client. Reference rules apply to all countries and markets globally and cannot be overruled by separate contracts regarding logo and name.

8) Responsibility and Liability
Easyref cannot guarantee that the Platform will be uninterrupted, timely, or error-free at all times. Easyref shall not be liable for any technical obstacles or damages arising out of the use of the Platform, including those caused by the actions or omissions of the web hosting, internet service provider or other service providers.
Easyref shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Client or Customer in connection with the choices made by the Client or Customer on the Platform and related services. Decisions and their consequences are made and borne by the Client or Customer.
Client or Customer agree not to modify or remove any Easyref logos without the acceptance of Easyref, links or other branding when using our services or facilitate or encourage any violations of these Terms of Use or attempt to do any of the above.
Unless Client or Customer have received Easyref prior written permission, Client or Customer agree not to, and will not permit or encourage any third party to: (a) adapt, reproduce, modify, reverse-engineer, decompile, distribute, print, display, perform, publish or create adaptations from any part of the Platform; or (e) commercialise, copy or on-sell any information or materials obtained from any part of Easyref and its Platform. You may not publish or use the Easyref brand, branding or logos without Easyref prior written permission.
It is prohibited to create Customer lists, CRMs or similar database using Easyref Platform data. All Customer data collected and maintained on Easyref Platform must be used on Platform.
Client or Customer agree to only use Easyref in a way that complies with all applicable laws and regulations, that does not infringe Easyref rights or other persons’ rights.
Easyref shall not be liable for any unlawful use of the Platform by the Client or Customer. Easyref is not obliged to monitor the purposes of the use of Platform by the Client or Customer in order to discover any unlawful nature therein. However, if such unlawful action or use of the Platform is discovered or brought to the attention of Easyref, Easyref has the right to temporarily or permanently restrict the Client’s or Customer’s access to the Platform.
Easyref indemnifies the Client or Customer for direct damage caused by non-performance or improper performance of the damage, which has occurred as a result of Easyref’s intentional actions. Easyref shall not be liable for consequential damages to the Client or Customer and shall not be liable for any loss of income, business expenses, loss of profits or other similar damages. The maximum rate of compensation for Easyref damages shall not exceed the total amount of EUR 50.
The Platform, content and functionality, are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, and, to the fullest extent permitted by law, Easyref makes no promises, whether express or implied, with respect to the Platform, content or functionality.
In case Easyref use third party suppliers to provide hardware, software, networking, connectivity, storage and related technology required to provide the Platform, Easyref do not accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any act or omission of any third party supplier.
The Client or Customer must notify Easyref in writing of the amount of the damage and the basis for compensation for the damage within thirty (30) calendar days of becoming aware of the damage. Easyref has the right to demand the submission of documents proving the existence and amount of damage and other necessary information.

9) Notices
Statements by Easyref and Client or Customer which have legal effects must be made in a reproducible form in writing.

10) Changes to these Terms of Use
Easyref can amend these Terms of Use at any time. Amendments will be effective immediately when uploaded to our Platform and notified to Client or Customer. Client or Customer is responsible to ensure that he/she is familiar with the latest Terms of Use. By continuing to use the Platform, Client or Customer agree to be bound by the Terms of Use as amended (whether or not Client or Customer have received any amendments).

11) Dispute Resolution
These Terms of Use are covered by Estonian laws. Disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Use shall be resolved through negotiations. In case of failure of negotiations, disputes will be settled in Harju County Court on the basis of legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia.